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The Convergence

Where spirits dance and interlace,

The Jaguar, fierce and wild and free,

Stepped forth from ancient legacy.

The hospital's halls, stark and cold,

Held tales of lives, secrets untold.

In a room awash with sterile gleam,

Jung sat in thought, lost in a dream.

But then the air grew thick and strange,

As two worlds began to rearrange.

From jungles deep and psyche's well,

The Jaguar came, a tale to tell.

"O Jung," she purred, eyes like the night,

"Of shadow and light, do you not write?

I, too, know of the hidden dance,

The unconscious realm, fate's wild chance."

Jung's wise eyes met the creature's gaze,

Sensing a guide through psychic maze.

"In you," he said, "I see a guide, To realms where spirit and soul reside."

The medicine wheel began to spin,

As Jaguar’s growl let dreams begin.

Together they journeyed, man and beast,

Seeking understanding, finding peace.

In that sacred space where worlds entwined,

Jung met his shadow, and light did shine.

The Jaguar, in wisdom and grace,

Led Jung to a deep healing space.

And when the dawn began to glow

Jung awoke with a heart all aflutter,

The Jaguar's lesson, profound yet brief,

Had offered the doctor a deep relief.

In dreams and visions, legends and lore,

The medicine wheel opens a door.

For when Jaguar meets the psyche's king,

Healing and transformation they bring.

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