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Your Journey to Success

Unearth and Develop your Purpose:

Feel like something's missing in your life? I can help you discover the passions that truly drive you, bringing direction and fulfilment to your life.

Illuminate Your Shadow:

Are hidden aspects of your personality holding you back? 'Shadow Work' can help you confront and embrace these unseen parts of you, kick-starting your personal transformation.

Experience Shamanic Journeys: Get to know more of your inner world. Shamanic Journeys offer a transformative exploration of your mind's hidden depths, triggering profound internal shifts.

Ignite Your Momentum: Struggling to turn your insights into action? I am here to help you identify and overcome hurdles, fuelling positive momentum toward your goals.

Create Your Life of Abundance: Want more than just success? Purpose and connection are so much richer than success alone; become more of your authentic self and attract greater connection and alignment. 

Foster Long-Term Growth: Looking for lasting change? Shajung goes beyond quick fixes to foster deep, transformative growth, offering you long-term improvements that endure long after our sessions conclude.

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About The Programme

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Transformation starts now

Shajung is fast-track life coaching.  Shadow work quickly creates lasting shifts in mindset. This is a results-orientated programme for people who want to achieve their goals. You will be heard, challenged and supported towards building the life you want. Using a tried and tested 

approach, you will gain insights rapidly and be given the tools you need to integrate them effectively.

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Breakthrough the Ego

Our ego serves to protect us and abolishes unwanted ideas, emotions, desires and thoughts. Especially in childhood, the ego banishes parts of ourselves to make sure we fit in with our tribe. This is our survival brain. Jung believed we needed the ego, but at some point in adulthood, we must realise negative patterns of unconscious behaviour and limiting beliefs so we may be "individuated", to become who we are truly meant to be.

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Build the road map

Break through resistance and create your road map. Find out what your true purpose feels like and use this energy to trust the plan.  Manifestation requires trust and Shajung helps you to better know yourself and builds your trust in your ability to make things happen. Shajung shifts your mindset to momentum mode, guaranteeing progress.

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Integrate Shamanically 

We explore insights and questions in Shamanic Journeys. When the mind is in a trance-like state, it is easier to access the unconscious mind and create change in unseen belief systems and unconscious patterns. We work with the spirit realm, archetypes and imagination to better get to know the unknown parts of your mind.  We illuminate, observe and ultimately take back our power.

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Become Shajung Programme is
Three-month Bespoke Programme
10 one-hour sessions

Plus Bonus

Personalised Guided Shamanic Journey designed to work with your needs and to assist integration

Additional Coaching Sessions can be bought at £111 for one hour or you can buy in three month blocks of 10 as listed above

To register your interest in Become Shajung, please send us a message and I will get back to you shortly.

Thanks for submitting!

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