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Meet Vic

Entrepreneur, Mindset, Business & Career Coach

Teacher, Shaman and Jungian Psychology Coach

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate.”

Carl Jung

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"Once upon a time, there was a theatre-loving student who got bitten by the spirituality bug. Post-graduation, I tumbled into care work, then mental health support, and - plot twist - ended up in a men's prison! Not as an inmate but fascinated by the human mind, often daydreaming about a psychology degree I never did.

Then I traded my prison blues for teacher's chalk, weathering teenage storms in secondary school. My ex-partner, the recruitment guru, lured me into the corporate world. I loved the people part, but the company culture could be described as corporate cancer. So, I started my own recruitment agency in 2013, teaching folks to nail interviews and level up their careers.

I love my business, and hope will continue for a long time yet, ultimately integrating coaching into recruitment has been my passion for the last decade. Lockdown number one hit my business hard and became my spiritual catalyst. I dived headfirst into marketing for a spiritual business, reigniting my higher purpose, which led me to sign up for a four-year Shamanic Medicine Wheel course.


I've also become a certified  Jungian Coach, and I love Coaching with Jungian Psychology techniques, I also touch on Eastern Philosophy teaching, all combined with Shamanic principles and Journeys - this is the birth of Shajung!


Now at 41, I've weathered addiction, low self-esteem, and relationship storms, it's not all been pretty but I am a proud work in progress.


My mission?  I am all about MORE; becoming more, experiencing more, doing more, learning more, laughing more, loving more, giving more. We are meant to become more of who we truly are, not less.


I am on a mission to help people embody more of who they truly are and share more of their unique gifts with humankind.


Get ready, folks! I'm pumped to guide individuals and their businesses to embrace their purpose and make a splash in the world. Now, who said midlife crises can't be fun?"

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