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Life Coaching with Shajung, a combination of Jungian Coaching and Shamanic Coaching

Do you feel that old patterns of thought and behaviour are holding you back?

I believe you can unlock your potential by working with your unconscious and that it is possible to end (or at least hugely tame) negative responses to triggers.


We are all conditioned, and the conditioning process in our youth creates unconscious responses and patterns in us all.


Patterns that helped us survive, fit in, and do what was expected of us, rarely align with our authentic wants and needs


You can dramatically improve your happiness, abundance and sense of purpose by working with your unconscious.

Experience deep, transformative coaching for profound, lasting results with Shajung.

Life Coaching Brighton using Shadow work, Shamanic Healing and Jungian Psychology
Life Coaching Brighton using Shamanic Healing and Jungian Psychology
Life Coaching Brighton using Shadow work, Shamanic Healing and Jungian Psychology

Meet Vic

My strongest areas as a coach are Mindset for Success and Business Coaching. I am also interested in working with relationships, addiction, anger and emotional balance.

Jungian Coaching for Lasting Results

We might not realise it, but a massive chunk of our daily behaviour is habitual.


As a result, our unconscious mind plays a vital role in determining our actions and choices.  Carl Jung a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst developed techniques that allow us to explore and understand our unconscious mind better, he called this work, Shadow Work.

There is a strong connection between Shamanism and Jungian psychology, as Jung was deeply interested in shamanic practices and spiritual beliefs.


Both emphasise the importance of exploring unconscious patterns that drive our conscious reactions and choices.

Jung created specific techniques that we use in coaching to realise unseen patterns and make them conscious and greatly reduce the power they have over us.

The deeper we dive into our unconscious, the more limitless our consciousness and potential become. Jung called this process 'Individuation', meaning becoming who you truly are, this purpose is shared by the Shamanic Medicine Wheel, both serve to reconnect us with our purpose, power and passion. 

Life Coaching Brighton using Shamanic Healing and Jungian Psychology

Experience Shamanic Journeys

When it feels right in coaching sessions we will journey, some clients like to journey more than others and that's completely fine. You can also journey between sessions, using recorded journeys to continue your exploration and integration.

The beat of my shamanic drum and voice will induce a trance-like state, Experience deep connection as you are guided into the mystical. 

Travelling through the middle world meadow and experience the world tree which connects the upper and lower worlds. 

Explore your mind in the jungle of the lower world, where you will meet Jaguar, your guide. 

My shamanic journeys are vivid, enjoyable, thought-provoking and restorative - all at the same time.

I believe journeying works in the same way as Jung's active imagination. 

Your imagination is a master healer and way-shower; all too often we neglect to tap into a primary resource, our imagination. 

Shamanic journeys resonate with our ancient shared human experiences, bridging the ancient wisdom of our ancestors with a modern understanding of the mind.

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